WWW Wednesday | Jan 10-16 2021

The first week of January is over. We made it through. This new year started off promising. I had hope that 2021 would be easier on us than 2020 had been. I was wrong. I am still slightly hopeful, though, that this year can improve. I have read quite a few books so far this … Continue reading WWW Wednesday | Jan 10-16 2021

WWW Wednesday | January 3-9, 2021

Okay, y'all. Let's get in to my first WWW of 2021! I am hoping to hold myself accountable through completing this tag at least twice a month in 2021. I haven't quite thought out the logistics of that just yet, but I am looking forward to reviewing these posts at some point in the year. … Continue reading WWW Wednesday | January 3-9, 2021