Long story short, it’s still a bad time.

I tend to put a lot of pressure on things that really don't require that much attention. It's a habit of mine that I've been trying to break for the longest time, but sometimes the bad habits win. Often, this comes as a "I can't do x, y, z, until everything else is perfect." I … Continue reading Long story short, it’s still a bad time.


The past week has been a blur. Brain fog strikes again. All I want to do lately is curl up in my bed with the pup and a cup of coffee and read. But, all I've had the energy to do lately is lay in bed. I've done some Christmas shopping, and I can't wait … Continue reading

One day.

I occasionally do this thing where I decide that I am going to do something. Sometimes, this want culminates in house plants and pet fish and then a planted aquarium. Here's how it starts: I spend countless hours researching and compiling information and planning out how I would go about the task, and then researching … Continue reading One day.

The day-to-day has felt like a lot lately, and I've stumbled back into reading. I've missed it. And, I hope to continue to slowly enjoy my reads. Currently, I'm reading Elena Ferrante's The Story of a New Name and I've missed this writing style. The audible narration is also soothing, so if that's your thing, … Continue reading