a little calm and a lot of rain

We have gotten a lot of rain lately. And, on the moments when the sun breaks through the outside looks so green and so inviting. I miss long walks through the woods and carefree exploration days. Many of my days have been filled with work, lately. Long hours and lots of inside time. It's been … Continue reading a little calm and a lot of rain


a little mania

Since November, I had been very good at Not Buying the Things. And then February hit. Everything seemed horrible and nothing had been going right for weeks. A lot of family business was brought to the surface and I'm not going to lie, it hit me pretty hard. Once an escape, my job began to … Continue reading a little mania

The day-to-day has felt like a lot lately, and I've stumbled back into reading. I've missed it. And, I hope to continue to slowly enjoy my reads. Currently, I'm reading Elena Ferrante's The Story of a New Name and I've missed this writing style. The audible narration is also soothing, so if that's your thing, … Continue reading