Mini Romance Review: Ice Kings | Avery Flynn

Sports? Not my jam. Sports romance? We’ll see.

Not gonna lie, Loud Mouth‘s cover drew me to Ice Kings. The series does not have to be read in order – each novel is a companion novel, but I decided to pick these up in series order anyway. I have almost no interest in hockey. Once, someone explained to me the unofficial rules about hockey players fighting on the ice – which was piqued my interest. The fighting dynamics, part, not the hockey part. I’ve never watched a single hockey game with much interest. But, now that I’ve finished the first three books in the Ice Kings series… I might watch one game. For science.

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My Review:


  • The right amount of cheese.
  • App idea brought a lot of humor. Dates were cute.
  • Easy to fly through.


  • The writing style bugged me – scene jumps were choppy and sometimes I got lost.
  • Lots of telling, not enough showing for my taste.

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My Review


  • I adore Kahn (the kitten).
  • Believable story line, although the surprise pregnancy plot isn’t my fave but I knew what I signed up for. The characters won me over.
  • Another quick, entertaining read.


  • Better with the show/tell dynamic but still not to my liking.
  • Scene jumps still confusing but less so than the first book.
  • Narrator interrupts characters’ dialogue with what they should have said instead every time.

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My Review


  • Snowed-in No Bed Trope 10/10
  • Hilarious banter
  • No confusing scene jumps!


  • Father figure issue could’ve been more prominent 
  • Ditto about the sibling issue

I had so much fun reading these, and I’m so glad that they seemed to get better with each installment. These are my first books by Avery Flynn and her style is so digestible. It evokes a lighthearted atmosphere, while still leaving room for more serious, somber moments.

Have you read anything by Avery Flynn? What’s your favorite sports romance? Favorite hockey team?


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