to august


is an incredibly hard month for me, usually. It brings back memories of people that I miss. This year, those memories are bitter sweet. My house is being worked on. Things are coming back together. Rooms look like rooms again.

And, in the time of 2020, I’m able to call loved ones and check in. Video calling has been a blessing. Virtual movie nights and book clubs and readalongs have been the absolute best. I miss my loved ones dearly.

This august is rebuilding month, which has been a beautifully chaotic distraction. A community of people gathered to put my house back together. To build walls and fences and floors and ceilings. To make my home look like home again. And I am so grateful for that. I am grateful that this August swept me up and made me busy. I’m grateful to recognize the community that I can lean on. I am grateful for so many things that if I stopped to name each one of them I would probably end up a teary mess.

This August, I’m taking the good with the bad, and trying like hell to give myself moments to breathe.


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